“Sihem is a skilled coach – high impact within a short time frame. Sihem was invaluable to me as I considered a significant professional cross-roads. She helped me consider i) what was the real question I needed to be exploring, not the superficial presentation; ii) challenged me to narrow my focus to where I could add most value and then iii) helped me go from the conceptual to the highly applied and practical – what I was going to do as a result. Thank you Sihem. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

- Independent Healthcare Consultant

“I am a Consultant Eye surgeon and worked with Sihem for 18 months on medical leadership development and engagement… I found Sihem’s approach to be calm, supportive, determined and constructive. Sihem taught me some of the science and art of medical leadership.”

- Consultant Eye Surgeon

“Sihem provided an invaluable source of support whilst I was embarking on my career change. I was able to share my thoughts, doubts and worries with someone that I knew would not judge which in turn helped me clear the ‘fog’ in my head. She listened attentively and had an amazing ability of translating my ramblings in way that motivated me to stop the procrastination and self-doubt and focus on achieving my plans.”

- Head of Change

“I have over 20 years’ experience as a senior medical manager at local, regional, national and international level…Without hesitation I can say that Sihem is by far one of the most effective and innovative managers I have worked with. She works very hard, reads and researches the background issues assiduously, shows great intellectual rigour, and has a broad, in depth knowledge of health care systems in very varied settings. At the same time she shows great “emotional intelligence” in working with people from very different backgrounds with markedly different preconceptions, is very approachable and manages to get the very best out of the people she supports.”

- Clinical Senate Chair & Professor in Paediatric Immunology

“Sihem helped me move from being stuck in fixed ideas about an important life decision to discovering a more expansive way to view my options, which took the pressure off and got us both excited about the possibilities for my life purpose. Our work together made me feel inspired, energized and empowered. I’m deeply grateful”

- Software Entrepeneur

“I was very pleased…The task in hand was a difficult one putting together a new complex programme in a very short time and pulling on resource from many organisations. Sihem demonstrated tenacity, enthusiasm and an ability to engage.”

- CCG Clinical Chief Officer

“(Sihem) is adept at navigating complex and challenging relationships, working with the individuals to help them to work together and find a way forward.

- Healthcare Consulting Manager

“Sihem is empathetic and has a warm, open and gently challenging approach that allows me to explore and make sense of the chaos in my head and put it into manageable steps to help me move forward. Sihem’s ability to listen with intent and real interest then reflect back what she is hearing is a powerful skill that has really helped me shape my thinking… I really appreciate my sessions with Sihem, I see them as a space of trust where Sihem helps me make real and achievable commitments to myself. A true driver in my (sometimes turbulent) journey of developing my business. “

- Business Owner

“I came to our coaching session with a business goal. However…Sihem sensed that my original goal may not have been my most pressing concern. Through Sihem’s questioning, I was able to identify a personal challenge that was currently making me feel stuck. Sihem’s gentle, curious approach, mixed with her great listening helped me identify a few strategies I could take away from our session and start practising. Only one week after our session, I’ve started applying these principles and am already starting to feel a shift in my mindset and actions. Thank you!”

- Senior HR Professional


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