Develop teams that are engaged, empowered and motivated so that you can take your business performance to the next level.

  • Does your team need to adapt, innovate or develop in some way to be successful in a changing environment?
  • Does the team’s performance need to progress from good to great?
  • Perhaps the team has taken on a new role and they need to work differently to fulfil this?

Team outcomes through working with Rhapsody:

Through a combination of coaching, facilitation and mentoring, we empower, engage and motivate your team to shape how they work. This includes:

  1. Exploring the team’s current situation in a holistic way to provide fresh insights and shared clarity on the priority areas of focus.
  2. Developing and articulating a shared purpose and vision that has ownership and consensus.
  3. Addressing challenges collectively, in a balanced and inclusive way, incorporating elements of action learning and group coaching.
  4. Facilitating creative approaches to problem solving and ideas generation that shape new ways of working.
  5. Creating a change plan, success measures and associated governance for the team to own and manage.
  6. Embedding team reflection and continuous learning into everyday practice.
  7. Providing regular coaching and mentoring support as required with the team as a whole, and / or with specific team members to support successful delivery of their plan for change.

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