Empowering medical leaders to enhance their leadership impact in the NHS and to shape fulfilling leadership careers.

Is this you?

  • Are you a Consultant or GP in a designated leadership role, committed to enhancing your personal impact and effectiveness? 
  • Do you sometimes feel that, despite your designated leadership role, you are lacking power or influence to make the changes that are right for patients?
  • Is one of your biggest challenges trying to engage and manage people as you progress your leadership agenda?

If so, then you are in the right place. 

With 14 years’ experience of working alongside senior medical leaders, we specialise in supporting doctors to enhance their leadership impact and effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Managing and developing individuals and teams so that others feel empowered , supported and motivated to deliver your leadership agenda.
  • Engaging, influencing and connecting with people (including the difficult ones!) to move beyond conversation to really making things happen in the NHS.
  • Leading change and innovation to improve the performance of your services.
  • Thinking strategically and planning effectively…then putting this into practice.
  • Developing your own leadership career so that you can feel professionally fulfilled and confident as a medical leader and practising doctor.

What are the benefits?

Rhapsody’s 6 month Medical Leadership Coaching Programme will support you to achieve:

  1. A feeling of fulfilment, confidence and focus in your leadership role.
  2. Greater empowerment in harnessing your power and influence, and that of your clinical network, to have a positive impact on healthcare services. 
  3. An enhanced ability to think strategically, including clarity on your leadership vision, strategy and plan plus 1:1 support to deliver this plan in practice.
  4. A new approach to positively empowering, influencing and developing your colleagues and direct reports in creating collaborative solutions to service challenges.
  5. Strategies to prepare for and manage difficult conversations with colleagues and senior executives to achieve a positive outcome.
  6. Greater confidence in your ability to lead and transform services in today’s challenging health and care landscape.
  7. A supportive, trusting and confidential professional relationship with your coach, where you can be yourself, be completely open and benefit from regular protected time focussed solely on achieving your personal development goals.

How would we work together?

We work with you 1:1 for 6 months.  Our time together is completely confidential, without judgement.  It is a totally safe place for you to work on yourself, your challenges and your aspirations with a coach who understands your professional context.

Typically a programme would look like this:

Stage 1: We have a complimentary coaching session to decide if we are a good fit to work together

Hiring a coach to support you to make a positive change in yourself as a leader is a commitment.  Evidence shows that the number one factor for success in coaching is the relationship between the coach and client.  So that we can decide if we are a good fit to work together, we offer a complimentary coaching session via Skype to potential clients. 

In the session we will explore what has led you to be interested in coaching and what you really want to achieve as a medical leader. 

At the end of our coaching session we will have a conversation about whether coaching together is right for you, and if so, what your coaching programme would look like.

Stage 2: We initiate your coaching programme

If we decide to work together, we will get started straight away.  With a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, we’ll propose a coaching programme that meets your needs.

Once you are happy with this, we’ll put this into a written agreement that will guide our coaching work together.

Stage 3: We explore your leadership goals

As we move into action, we will start work on your leadership goals.  We will explore what is getting in the way of you being the leader that you really want to be, including your own mindset, your wider life and your interactions with others.  At the same time, we will take steps to ensure that you feel motivated and committed to achieving your goals.

Stage 4: You develop new understanding of yourself, your interpersonal relationships and your current situation

We delve deeper into who you are, what makes you tick and what you really want from your professional career as a medical leader including: values, expectations, relationships, beliefs, assumptions, thought patterns, behaviours and aspirations.  Through this process we will identify recurrent themes and patterns that are relevant to the achievement of your goals and start to experiment with how to alter these to better serve you as a medical leader. 

At the same time, we will look at some of the practicalities of how you operate as a medical leader, your current strategies and plans and how this is all playing out in practice for you and others.

Stage 5: You draw on this to create a compelling leadership vision

Next, we support you to create an exciting, detailed vision of your life once you have achieved your goals and become the leader that you want to be, embedding this in your mind as a powerful visualisation.  Working backwards from here, we define your leadership strategy and plan for how you will get there focussing on both your mindset and how you operate in practice with your colleagues, teams and seniors.

Stage 6: You take action over time to transform your leadership mindset and impact

Over several sessions, you will create, practice and refine the mindset that you need for leadership success alongside making practical changes to how you lead and manage in your role, e.g. enhancing your influence at a senior level or more clearly defining your team roles.  You will notice a continual positive shift in yourself and your leadership impact in line with your vision and goals.

We will check in regularly to reflect on your progress and make any changes that we need to within our coaching relationship.

Stage 7: We celebrate your successes, embed your learning and plan your future goals as a medical leader.

As we approach the end of your coaching programme, we will evaluate your progress against your coaching goals and measures of success.  We’ll support you to reflect, celebrate your successes and embed new learning alongside defining your future personal development goals as a medical leader.

What about other practicalities, like location, duration and price?

Coaching is offered via Skype or Zoom nationally or internationally.  Face to face coaching is generally offered within 60 minutes of HD9 (including Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield, Manchester & Barnsley areas).

Private 1:1 coaching programmes start at £1,260 for a 6 month virtual coaching package.  This includes unlimited email communications between sessions.  Face to face sessions factor in travel time and expenses.

Corporate coaching programmes for individuals start at £3,450 for a 6 month package plus travel & expenses.  This includes 360 degree feedback report (start and end of the programme)and three way goal setting & monitoring with the client’s manager / sponsor.  Discounts are available for multiple clients within an organisation.  See also Rhapsody’s Medical Leadership Development Programmes and Clinical Team Coaching & Facilitation.

Why work with Rhapsody?

With 14 years’ NHS experience working directly with medical leaders across a wide range of NHS organisations, we understand the role, context and challenges faced by medical leaders, we understand how frontline care is provided to patients / service users and we also understand how the health and care system fits together.

We’re passionate about improving patient care and the impact that good healthcare has on society, and we see medical leadership development as one of this best ways to have an impact in this area.

Take the next step.

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