Develop and accelerate the transformation of service delivery through nurturing and supporting medical leaders throughout your organisation, network or region.

Would your organisation benefit?

Are you a senior health and care executive looking to optimise the effectiveness of your medical leaders to achieve greater organisational or programme success?

Do your medical leaders need support in one or more of the following areas:

  • Managing and developing people
  • Engaging with colleagues
  • Leading change and innovation
  • Managing and improving service performance
  • Planning and strategic thinking
  • Fostering integration and team work within and across services
  • Understanding and engaging with corporate agendas

Would your organisation benefit from a holistic medical leadership development programme bespoke to your needs and priorities?

If so, then through working with Rhapsody your organisation will achieve genuine engagement and ownership from your medical leaders in creating a programme that will directly contribute to achievement of your organisational priorities. This includes:

  • A qualitative, meaningful evaluation of your medical leadership needs in partnership with you, your medical leaders and their teams.
  • Design of a Medical Leadership Development Programme which takes a holistic approach to development (beyond just commissioning training courses) and includes high impact changes that you can make to your organisation or programme without significant additional investment.
  • Facilitation and coaching with your medical leaders and executive colleagues to build relationships and develop a culture of mutual trust and support.
  • Identification and implementation of high quality development interventions (bringing in external partners where necessary) to meet your specific development needs.
  • Regular evaluation of the impact of your medical leadership development programme over time, and support to evolve and improve your development programme based on this.

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