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Test the waters with a *complimentary* first coaching session

Have you been wondering about leadership coaching for a while, but you haven't been quite sure where to start in finding a coach? 

Or perhaps you haven't come across coaching before, but you know that you need some kind of additional support to enhance your leadership impact and move forward in your leadership career?

Hiring a coach to support you in making a personal change is a commitment.  It takes time, focus and resources from client and coach to deliver results through coaching, and you will want to know upfront that your investment is worthwhile.

Evidence shows that the relationship between the client and coach is the number one factor for success in coaching, however it can be a real challenge in finding someone that is right for you.  That's why I now offer a complimentary, no obligation first coaching session to help you to decide if you would like to partner with me as your coach in achieving your leadership goals and aspirations.

Typically in this first session we will delve into your current situation and then help you to define your personal development goals and measures of success.  So that whatever you decide by the end of the session, you will have a clear focus for your development as a leader and some practical next steps to take PLUS you will have experienced coaching with me.

If as a result we do decide to partner in achieving your leadership goals, then I'll have all the information that I need as your coach to create a personalised coaching programme that will best support you.

To book your complimentary coaching session, please get in touch.

To find out more about coaching with Rhapsody:

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