Supporting driven senior professionals to feel confident, fulfilled and clear on their direction, so they can excel in progressing their career.

Is this you?

  • Are you an ambitious professional in a leadership role, either within your own business or as part of a wider organisation?
  • Is a fear of failure, self doubt or imposter syndrome leading you to hold yourself back from being the best version of yourself at work?
  • Perhaps you’re feeling somewhat unfulfilled by what you are doing, and you want to get clearer on how you can feel motivated again.
  • Or maybe you just know that you could achieve so much more if you could be clearer on your direction and strategy for success?

What support is available?

I partner with you over time as a trusted, dedicated coaching professional to provide 1:1 professional support to help you to excel in your career.  Through our work together, you will gain:

  • A deeper understanding and acceptance of you, your values, what makes you tick and what you have to offer as a professional that is amazing and unique to you.
  • An ability to go easier on yourself and enjoy the journey of continually growing and developing as a leader, including taking risks.
  • Greater awareness of yourself and others to enable you to connect more effectively with people, build trust and inspire action.
  • Personal strategies to tackle self-doubt, imposter syndrome and confidence issues in your professional life.
  • A clear vision, strategy and plan to achieve success in your professional life, and 1:1 support to help you to deliver this.
  • Ongoing support from me as you apply your new insights and motivation to create positive change in yourself.
  • A supportive, trusting and confidential coaching relationship where you can be completely open, without fear of judgment, and benefit from regular protected time focussed solely on achieving your personal development goals.

What about practicalities like location, duration and price?

Coaching programmes are personalised to support you to achieve your specific personal development goals.  This means that the practicalities of programmes do vary based on factors like duration, frequency, support between sessions and location.

As a guide, I partner with clients for at least 3 months.  This is so that we work together long enough to see real, positive change in yourself and your situation.  Usually I work with clients fortnightly to begin with, moving to monthly as the programme progresses.

Coaching is offered via Skype or Zoom nationally or internationally.  Face to face coaching is generally offered within 60 minutes of HD9 (including Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield, Manchester & Barnsley areas).

I offer private 1:1 coaching to individuals and corporate 1:1 coaching within organisations.

Private 1:1 coaching programmes start at £895 for a 3 month virtual coaching package.  This includes unlimited email communications between sessions.  

Corporate coaching programmes for individuals start at £1,890 for a 3 month package plus travel and expenses.  This includes 360 degree feedback report (start and end of the programme)and three way goal setting & monitoring with the client’s manager / sponsor.  Discounts are available for multiple clients within an organisation. 

Take the next step.

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